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Azure Functions: Processing CSV file uploaded to Azure BLOB Storage

In this article, we will see how to process the CSV file uploaded to Azure Blob Storage using Azure Functions. The Azure Function is a serverless solution using which we can perform server-side tasks using less code with low infrastructure maintenance. This helps to save the cost and makes us free from worrying about deploying and maintaining servers for running our code on Azure.    Why Azure Functions? The software applications often need to execute some tasks based on events e.g. when an HTTP request is received process data on some complex business rules when the file is uploaded to the Storage compress the file to save the space or process a large volume of the data when it is updated. In all these cases it is recommended that we must execute a background process to perform such complex operations based on triggering events. The Azure Function is exactly used for such background tasks. Please note that to implement the code for this article, the Azure Subscription is required. You