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ASP.NET Core 6: Implementing a Localization in ASP.NET Core 6

In this article, we will implement Localization in ASP.NET Core 6. In web application development if the website has multilingual support then it can reach a wider audience. One of the best and most important features of the ASp.NET Core is the availability of middlewares for localizing the application into different languages and cultures. The application localization involves the following features Provide localized resources for the languages and cultures Provide a strategy to select the culture and language for every request Making the application content localizable Resource Files A Resource file is a useful mechanism for defining the localizable strings for the text-based values that will be shown on the User Interface. Resource file has a .resx extension. We can store the translated strings in this file. We need to create these resource files for each localized language.  ASP.NET Core provides middleware and service to use the localization using Microsoft.Extensions.Localization