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Azure Functions: Working with Azure Table Stage to Perform CRUD Operations

In this article, we will see how to use Azure Function with HTTP Trigger that will interact with Azure Table Storage to perform CRUD Operations. The reason behind creating this post is to let developers understand the use of Azure Functions to perform HTTP Operations and also understand Azure Table Storage for storing data.     What is Azure Table Storage? Azure Table Storage is a service that is used to store non-relational and schemaless data in the form of key/attribute in the Azure cloud. Since Azure Table Storage is schemaless, we can easily adapt it to store data as per our application needs. The advantage of Azure Table Storage is the data read/write operations are more cost-effective than Azure SQL.  The advantage offered by Azure Table Storage is that we can store data tba TBs. Generally, large datasets without any complex join with and easy query requirements are recommended to store in Azure Table Storage. To access Azure Table Storage, we use Azure.Data.Tables package. This