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ASP.NET Core 8: Creating Custom Authentication Handler for Authenticating Users for the Minimal APIs

The ASP.NET Core is the superb technology for building modern web apps. One of the best features of ASP.ET Core is the ease of security implementation and its customization as per the application requirements. The Identity Object model of ASP.NET Core provides extensive customization to the developers so that they can implement the security logic as per the application's requirements where the Identity can be verified against the On-Premises and/or Cloud stores where the Users' credentials are kept.  In this article we will see an implementation of the custom Authentication Handler to handle the authorization of the request to the Minimal APIs. The Figure 1 provides an idea of the implementation Figure 1: The Authentication Handlers in ASP.NET Core Minimal APIs To implement custom authentication handler, we will be using the following classes: AuthenticationSchemeOptions:   This class is used to set the scheme for the authentication calls. The request to the API will be forward