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Blazor Web Assembly with .NET 6: Uploading File to Azure BLOB Storage

In this article, we will implement the File Upload to Azure BLOB using the Blazor Web Assembly application. In one of my earlier articles, I have explained the File Upload to Azure BLOB using Node.js. You can read about it from this link .  After publishing that article, I have received feedback from some of my students that, I should also explain the File Upload steps using Blazor Web Assembly assembly, and then I have decided to work on it.  I have already published some articles on Blazor. You can read them from the following links 1. ASP.NET Core 5 and Blazor Web Assembly Apps: Token Based Authentication in ASP.NET Core 5 APIs and Authenticating it using Blazor WebAssembly Apps 2. Blazor WebAssembly: Uploading Image to ASP.NET Core 5 API from Blazor WebAssembly Project 3. ASP.NET Core 5.0: Create API with Swagger(OpenAPI) Specifications and Consuming it in Blazor Web Assembly Project using Connected Service 4. gRPC service in .NET 5: Consuming gRPC Service in Blazor WebAssembly App

Performing Database Operations on PostgreSQL Database Using Node.js and Sequelize Object Relational Mapping (ORM)

In this article, we will implement the database operations on PostgreSQL using Node.js and Sequelize ORM. PostgreSQL is an Open-Source, powerful object-relational database system. This database supports various features. The detailed features of this database can be read from this link .  This article is written for the audience those have basic knowledge of Node.js and Express. What is Object-Relational Mapping (ORM)?     ORM is a technique of mapping the data schema from the database with the Object-Oriented representation in incompatible systems. The application that needs to connect to the database for performing various database operations, can use these objects to perform read/write operations instead of using typical database syntax like select, insert, update, delete queries. Various server-side technologies like JAVA, .NET, .NET Cors use various ORM frameworks like Hibernate, EntityFramework, etc. to map with database schemas (table) and perform read/write operations. While us

Uploading File to Azure BLOB using Node.js and Express-FileUpload

 Uploading File to Azure Blob using Node.js and Express-FileUpload  Recently, I was working on an assignment for storing of the   information  captured from the client application  on the Azure cloud. This application is developed using JavaScript Full-Stack with Express and Node.js on the server-side. I was supposed to accept images from client and upload them to Azure Blob Storage using Node.js application.  To implement this, I have explored various ways like Multer package and Express-FileUplaod. After doing some research I have implemented the requirement. But then I have decided to put my thoughts in the form of this article.  In fact, I have already written an article on similar requirements which you can read it from this link .  In this article, we will see how to use an express-fileupload to upload file to Node.js Server Application  and further uploading it in Azure Blob.  The figure 1, will explain an idea of the application implementation Figure 1: The idea of file upload