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React.js17.x: Creating Application with WebPack 5.x

 Creating React.js 17.x  Application From Scratch using Webpack 5.0 In my previous article, I have explained the approach of creating React.js application using Webpack from the scratch. The React Application can be created using create-react-app tool, but not all projects are using that approach. With my experience with some of the customers, I have experienced that they are also using  React.js application for development, build, and production using Webpack configuration.   The WebPack is a static module bundler for the modern JavaSCript application e.g. React.js, Angular, etc. When the Webpack is used to process that application using the configuration, it internally builds the dependency graph based on dependencies used in the application development. These dependencies could be, bootstrap framework, or any other JavaScript files used in the project. The Webpack configuration allows using various loaders to load these CSS styles in the application and further helps to create the d