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Node.js: Accessing the MongoDB Database using Node.js for Performing CRUD Operations with Async/Await Approach

In this article, we will understand an approach for building a Node.js application for performing CRUD Operations by accessing the MongoDB database. In recent days I have come across several requirements from students regarding the MEAN and MERN JavaScript full-stack applications. Considering such a frequent requirement from my students I thought to write a post on it for the latest version of Node.js, MongoDB, and Mongoose packages.    The Node.js can be downloaded from the following link The MongoDB Can be downloaded from the following link The code for this article is written using Microsoft Visual Studio Code (VSCode). Step 1: Open Command Prompt (or Terminal Window) and create a new folder named node-api. Open this folder in VS Code.  Step 2: Run the following commands to create a generate package.json file for the project npm init -y After generating package.json, run the following command to install Express, M