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ASP.NET Core 7: Implementing the Back-End for Front-End (BFF) Pattern in ASP.NET Core

In my previous article , we have seen an implementation of the API Gateway in ASP.NET Core using Ocelot, in this article we will see an implementation of the Back-End for Front-End (BFF) pattern implementation in ASP.NET Core. With an expansion in Web-based applications, there are several technologies that have emerged to support web-based apps. In recent years we have shifted from thick-client applications to thin-client applications those interact with various Back-End services. There are several domains that have Web-based User interfaces and mobile-based user interfaces e.g. e-commerce apps, Banking, and Social Media Apps along with these UIs such applications also have complex server-side architectures, and these applications address such complex architectures using Microservices as backend services. If the UI is tightly coupled with backend services, then it is exceedingly difficult to use such backend services for other UI. This is where the BFF pattern comes in. Introduction to

ASP.NET Core: Implementing API Gateway using Ocelot

In this article, we will learn about creating API gateways for ASP.NET Core Applications using Ocelot. In my previous article , I have explained the process of creating resilient microservices where I have explained its need for application development. Microservices architectures are proven as a backbone of modern high availability-based application architectures. Since microservices provide a Techo-Agnostic approach to designing and developing microservices, it's important to make sure that instead of exposing the public endpoints of each microservice to the client the architecture must create an API gateway so that the client will be provided access to all microservices using a single gateway endpoint.  What is API Gateway? API Gateway acts as a FRONT-DOOR for all backend services. This provides a single access point for the business logic, and data from the backend services. The API Gateway has the following advantages Isolates the client application from knowing about the actu