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Working with React.js Class Components

React.js is a first class JavaScript library for building front-end for the modern web applications. This library is based on a WebComponent concept. The WebComponent is an autonomous object which has it own UI, Data and logic (presenter). The React.js is makes use of this concept to implement <b>Compositional UI<b>. In React.js, we can create components using 2 mechanisms, the first is Class Component  and the second is Functional Components .      Class Components, are the pure implementation of ES 6 class concept. The class component is derived from Component  base class. This base class contains render()  method to render the HTML UI. The class components defines local public properties. These properties represents State  of the class component. The State, means the data that will be used by class component to manipulate local to component so that the the HTML UI can be rendered.  Functional Components, are the JavaScript functions. These functions returns the HTML so t