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ASP.NET Core 6: Communication across the API Applications using RabbitMQ and Background Service

In this article, we will see the scenario where two APIs can communicate with each other using the Background Services and Messaging Service. The concept of REST APIs is not new for most of you and that too in most modern applications Microservices architectures are used where the server-side logic is written and deployed using the small REST APIs. These microservices are autonomous and isolated from each other. Since these microservices are deployed separately they do not know the existence of each other. In such a scenario what if one microservice wants to send or share data with another microservice? This is where the application architecture must use a background running messaging service. Consider the scenario where an E-Commerce application has two services one for accepting Order for Acceptance and Order Validation and another service for processing orders. In this case, if the received order is validated by the Order Acceptance service then it must be passed to the Order proces

ASP.NET Core 6: Using Entity Framework Core with Oracle Database with Code-First Approach

In this article, we will see how to use Oracle Database with Entity Framework Core with Code-First Approach. The reason behind writing a post on this is, recently while conducting training, one of my students raised the query regarding the EF Core with Oracle. Since Oracle is one of the most powerful databases, various enterprise applications are using it for the past several years and since the .NET Core is the most popular technology for building modern apps, the scenarios for accessing the Oracle database in .NET Core apps the use Entity Framework Core is common. Oracle Data Provider for .NET Entity Framework Core The Oracle Data Provider for .NET i.e. ODP.NET is used to access data from the Oracle database in the .NET Core apps using Entity Framework Core. This uses the Oracle.EntityFrameworkCore.dll, a managed library. This data provider allows using Code-First and Database-First approaches to perform Read/Write Operations with Oracle database.    Implementation To implement code